Newmahr, Staci. 2014. Eroticism as Embodied Emotion: The Erotics of Renaissance Faire.” Symbolic Interaction,37 (2) 209–225.
Watch the video that accompanies this work.

Newmahr, Staci. 2011. “Chaos, Order, and Collaboration: Toward a Feminist Conceptualization of Edgework.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 40 (6), 678-708
Listen to an interview with Dr. Newmahr about this work.

Newmahr, Staci. 2010. “Rethinking Kink: Sadomasochism as Serious Leisure.” Qualitative Sociology, 33 (3) 313-331

Newmahr, Staci. 2010. “Power Struggles: Pain and Authenticity in SM.”Symbolic Interaction, 33 (3), 389-411

Newmahr, Staci. 2008. “Becoming a Sadomasochist: Integrating Self and Other in Ethnographic Analysis.” Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, 37 (5), 619-643


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