Dr. Staci Newmahr is an ethnographer and sociologist whose work plays with intersections of gender, nonconformity, risk-taking, emotion and eroticism.  Newmahr is an Associate Editor of Symbolic Interaction and Associate Professor at SUNY Buffalo State.

Author of Playing on the Edge: Sadomasochism, Risk, and Intimacy was published in 2011 (Indiana University Press), Dr. Newmahr has recently published work on the erotic space of Renaissance Faire, based on participant-observation research in 2010-11.  Newmahr is currently working on a longer-term project on gender and contemporary erotic proliferations.

Dr. Newmahr is SocDocSN on Twitter and Staci Newmahr on Academia.edu, and can be reached via email at newmahsd@buffalostate.edu.